Valentine’s Day in Ghana

Valentine’s Day, which falls of 14 February of every year, is a much-awaited occasion across the globe and Ghana is not an exception Ghanaians are waiting for the day to celebrate the occasion with pomp and color, glamour and glitz.

Valentines was named after a martyr called Valentine who was established by Pope Gelasius I in the 500AD. However, the day has been widely known as the day for the lovers. 20 years valentine’s celebration in the country was not popular as it is currently. In the early 2000s, Ghanaian youth became engaged to various valentines’ activities and they are up to speed with the happenings in the western world. The Ghanaians observed the day by wearing red outfits as an acknowledgement of love and the trend died with people who opposed the idea.

here are various ideas that sprung that people suggested that love could be expressed at any point in life and not necessarily sticking to a set date. However, pomp and color do not miss in Ghanaian Valentine’s Day. The local shops are flooded with flowers. Here are numerous gifts available for lovers ranging from flowers from the shops, lingerie, roses, and teddy bears among others. This is one of the days that lovers look forward to in Ghana and there are increased sales in flowers, clothing, and other items that are associated with the event. Most beneficiaries are business people and patriotism has not died in Ghana people enjoy Ghanaian made chocolates.

When valentines was declared chocolate day in Ghana it became a craze and more people were involved in different chocolate eating events across the country. It because the order of the day and a fetish kind, the increase of chocolate prices it would be interesting to see if the chocolate producing firms in Ghana will reduce price. Somewhere in Ghana, people are urging the CPC to give out free chocolate to the public during the event. Hotels and resorts in Ghana reap a lot during this period and sales increases exponentially.

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