The First Cars That Have "Made In Ghana" Seal

Innovation in the African continent has been on the rise in the risen past and the automobile industry is taking a new turn with the introduction of Kantanka Group, which is the first cars with ‘made in Ghana’ seal.

The Kantanka group of companies has been around over the years and they have been perfecting their art of automobile production in the last two decades. In November 2015, the local carmaker inaugurated a new manufacturing plant at the Gomoa Mpota in central Ghana. During the launch, there were new additions to the locally assembled automobiles the new cars produce by the company including a 4X4 SUV, K71 saloon car, and Kantanka Onantefo and Kantanka Omama pickup. The automobile company has made significant improvement in technology, which include robotics engineering, air conditioners, electronic roll dispensers, proper limousine, and excavators among other features.

The company also produced a television set that can be controlled and started by capping as well as an SUV which can be controlled by a walking stick the Africa technology and production proudly supports the ‘made in Ghana’ seal. The group was formed by Apostle Kwadwo Safo and it is currently headed by his son Kwadwo Safo Jr, who took the reins from his father as the CEO of the group. According to the CEO, some of the main challenges that the company is facing include the faith and perception that people have about the cars. Many people believe that the cars are inferior because they are made in Africa; however, the firm is carrying out a campaign to promote the cars.

The Kantanka group faces a major challenge especially when it comes to competing with major car brands from the Asian and European continent. The cheapest cars from the production costs $ 20,000 and this is a little expensive for the locals who consider used cars from the other continents. However, the dreams of African manufacturers are not shuttered because their market share is gradually growing over time and soon many people will appreciate their skills and expertise.

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