Technology Firm to Employ First Class ICT Graduates from Makerere University

Graduates from Makerere University are set to benefit from Norwegian technology firm Laboremus. The technology company has said it will offer employment opportunities to students who will graduate with a first class degree in information communication technology.

Graduates from Makerere University are set to benefit from the Laboremus technology company. During the 66th graduation ceremony at the Makerere University, the students who graduated with a first class included Bachelor of Science in computer engineering (1student), Bachelor of Science software engineering (2 students) bachelor of science in information technology (15 students ) . In a recent interview, Ms Lucrezia Biteete the MD of the company reiterated that the form is focused and it will absorb the first class students from the university. The graduates are required to send an application letter to the human resource manager of the company and after the interviews, those who will pass will join the company.

Uganda is faced with high unemployment rates with the current rate standing at 83% a situation that has forced the country’s development process to slow. Laboremus is a leading software development firm in Uganda and it has decided to contribute to the economy by inviting all the students in the Information Technology Communication Department to interview with the firm. The company was set up in the year 2013 in Uganda and it has become the leading technological experts in Uganda. Laboremus exports software to Norway and Kenya. Ms. Lucrezia indicated that Laboremus Uganda has reached a new milestone by delivering new HIV/AIDS mapping tool.

The company has provided numerous software programs for government institutions such as the Ministry Of Planning and Economic Development and Ministry Of Internal Affairs. The company works in tandem with the Norwegian entity and the local clients in boosting the economic systems in the country and providing solutions to the business sector.

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