Products every Ghanaian will buy

While we like to think that there is so much to buy at the local shop or online store, there are only about 5 products every Ghanaian will buy during the course of their lifetime.

Keep reading till the end and point out which item you haven’t bought already or are planning to buy soon, if you can:


There is a rising demand for electronics within Africa and particularly in Ghana. We all want that flagship Android or Apple device, maybe purchase a new Plasma TV, Xbox, PlayStation or laptop computer. They are naturally the most common products every Ghanaian will buy online and physical stores in Ghana today. Part of the reason is the increased penetration of the internet, but also because more and more Ghanaians are making more money and can splurge on such luxuries.


From designer handbags to shoes and jewellery, every Ghanaian wants the new fad in fashion and will stop at nothing before acquiring their favourite brand. It is precisely this demand for clothing that has boosted sales in online shopping platforms and spurred designer shops into setting up shop in Ghana. The apparel industry closely ties with electronics among products every Ghanaian will buy.

Household items

Whether you’re moving out of your parents’ house to live on your own or replacing old and dusty or broken items, there will always be use for these. From cutlery to crockery, the demand for these items will always be there. A quick search on any ecommerce sites in Ghana will tell you there are numerous retailers advertising these stuff and you can also be sure there is a huge demand for them.


Old may be gold, but also unsanitary and unhygienic, which is why we all replace old furniture with new ones. From dumping that dusty and smelly couch to buying a new glass table, every so often each of us will have to buy new furniture. It’s no wonder, therefore, that there are so many furniture shops popping up around Ghana offering different designs and materials.


With the increased use of electronics comes the increased demand for software that enable these electronics. Although there still isn’t as much purchases made for software directly from the manufacturer, you probably have bought some software from a retailer at a reduced price.

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