Power Rationing In Nigeria Ruining Business

Nigeria power supply has slumped by 624 megawatts in the past three days. This has caused a higher power rationing in the country and the companies that are distributing power ration power to the consumers in the past several days.

The nation’s power supply has reduced by 623.76 megawatts according to recent reports. The situation has worsened in many homes because the companies are reducing power supply to homes and this has affected businesses drastically. The drop in power generation means that the load allocation to the Discos is largely reduced. According to the report electricity generated on Thursday, February 2015 was at 3,601.78 megawatts. This was lower than the amount produced three days earlier of 4,245.53 megawatts. The power supply to households and businesses across the country reduced from the previous 4,156 megawatts to 3,532 megawatts reported on Monday.

The nation achieved peak electricity generation of 5,074 megawatts on February 2 and this accumulated to 4,541.85 megawatts generated during this period. Eko electricity distribution Plc indicates that the reason for the current power rationing in the country is because of an increased overload to the grid and they were looking for avenues to avert the crisis in the country. The company said that the power supply instability was because of inadequate bulk electricity load allocation to the company and the national grid.

The drop in the generation of electricity and the national level and the acts of vandalism of the transmission towers, oil and gas pipelines have all contributed to the reduction in the power supplied to the customers in the nation. Eko disco indicated that the situation was not limited to the coverage areas alone, all other parts of the country were also affected in the rationing, and the problem was mainly because of low generation level. The situation has led to acute rationing of power to the nation. According to a statement from the company the customer help lines will be available throughout the day and the customers can launch complaints to the help line.

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