Popular sales events in Africa

Retailers have learned the value of commercializing holidays for profit. And the presence of regular sales events in Africa can be counted on because these holidays are being celebrated annually without fail.

There are only a few holidays that are observed all over Africa, and marketers target these as so-called shopping opportunities. During these periods, the most advertising, special offers and bonuses will target the appropriate gifts and items for the occasion. All in order to boost sales.

The crazy thing, though, is that no one can help it. Holidays have become so commercialized and offering a gift would seem to be the sensible thing. As such, businesses with an online presence should target these holidays to crank up their annual sales.

So here’s a guide to sellers to watch out for these regular sales events that will always be honoured in Africa:


The season to give! Whether it be as simple as a Christmas card or something more elaborate, this remains to be the most profitable period for retailers. Nowadays, it doesn’t have to be restricted to physical stores anymore,  since it is now possible to buy something online and have it gift wrapped then sent to someone else.

Being the one of the biggest sales events in Africa, and perhaps worldwide, of the year, sellers should begin advertisements from late November all through December, more than an entire month of sales.

New year

Immediately after the Christmas festivities and the little regarded Boxing Day holiday, new year celebrations pick up as people prepare to usher in the new year. Unlike Christmas, the new year celebrations are personal instead of family or friends, and a shopper is more likely to buy something for themselves. Nevertheless, a seller can capitalize on this opportunity to furnish a businessman with a new wardrobe or a homeowner with a change of furniture.

Back to school

The new year means children in schools are advancing in level, meaning that they may need a new pair of shoes or even a complete overhaul on their uniform. This is one of the major sales events in Africa because of the large number of students who need to buy stuff for school, plus it is also inevitable. Items such as school bags, uniforms, shoes and stationery are in high demand, and more parents opt for online shopping instead of crowded physical stores.

Valentine’s day

The 14th of February is another period when certain commodities are in high demand. Even now, you can already start to see red banners adorned in store entrances, and online stores like Jumia are not being left behind. Goods like jewellery, flowers and even electronics are sold at a discount during this period. Online shopping makes the sales even more efficient because such platforms provide a wide variety of goods.

Easter holidays

This is a prime period for retailers because the holidays extend from Good Friday, through the weekend and culminating on Easter Monday. All sorts of items are purchased during this period for oneself and, being a family holiday, for family and friends too.


Celebrated by Hindus, the festival of lights is marked by fireworks, shopping and decorations. Traditional Hindu decorations, adornments and scents are in high demand the world over during this festival. However, fireworks are mostly common then and play a huge part of the holiday and subsequently the sales event.


This one is new to Africa, but more people are getting into the western culture by observing Halloween. This sales event mainly involves the sale of scary costumes and makeup to go with it. Only a few stores so far have taken advantage of this event, but soon more of them will catch on.



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