Online Marketing on the Rise in Kenya

Online marketing has reported an exponential growth over the years in Kenya. According to current research, most businesses in Kenya are utilizing the platform to increase sales.

According to Mr. Kamau a local clothes vendor in Nairobi, most of his clients are from social media and online marketing. He indicates that the cost of advertising has been on the rise considerably and indulging in cheaper ways such as the social media platform was key in promoting the business in the country. As a startup owner, you can market your products on Whatsapp, Facebook, vine, and twitter. Online marketing becoming popular in the country, the communications authority of Kenya indicated that internet users in Kenya rose to 31.9 million when compared to the previous value of 29.6 million.

In addition, the portion of Kenyan population accessing the internet reached 75 per hundred inhabitants and this is an increase from 69 per a hundred inhabitants recorded in the same period last year. The surge in the number of internet users can be largely attributed to the emergence of new electronic services in the country and the expanding telecommunication market. Since not every Kenyan is in the urban settings, smartphones have become a major device to access internet in Kenya. Entrepreneurs in the country are tapping this resource to sell their wares on different marketing platforms as indicated earlier.

The normal trend of advertising products is expensive and the demographic reach can be limited when compared to viral content on social media platforms. Strategic marketing is an aspect that many businesses in the country are using to sell products. Gaining ground on the virtual market can be a daunting task, however with the right strategy you are bound to make sales within a short period. Engaging the buyers is a technique that every businessperson should learn from the word go if you are to make any progress in the market.

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