Kenya and Israel Agree to Labor Export

The government of Kenya and Israeli government have entered into an agreement that will see Kenya export labor to Israel. During a bilateral meeting between Kenyan president Benjamin Netanyahu and Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyans can now work in the Jewish state.

Israeli and Kenyan government have entered into a pact that will see the east African nation export labor to Israel. Foreign affairs cabinet secretary Amina Mohammed indicated that Kenya is pushing to have workers in education, agriculture, and hospitality to work in Israel. She indicated that number of people to be exported to the Middle East nation would be few considering that it are demand driven. President Kenyatta indicated that the move was important for many Kenyans especially with the country grappling with high rates of unemployment.

Uhuru said that they have negotiated that Kenyan workers will go to Israel to gain practical knowledge especially in agriculture sector. According to Kenyan ambassador to Israel Agostino Njoroge, the number of Kenyan workers in Israel has dropped from 2,000 to 200 in the last ten years. Israel has imposed tough immigration laws, which thousand of foreigners are expelled because of security issues and other issues. The ambassador said that Kenya was in agreement with various recruitment agencies in Israel to allow Kenyan works to work in the country.

He said that Indonesia and Philippines has made such arrangements and it has allowed thousands to benefit from opportunities in agriculture. President Kenyatta also indicated that the number of students taking vocational training in Israel would be increased to improve the work force in Kenya. Under the Galana Kulalu food security project, Israeli government injects Sh 3.5 billion for training in the sector. About a thousand Kenyans will get free training on irrigation engineering in Israel for six years. Kenya is seeking to improve food security in the country with adequate work force training from Israeli technology.

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