Ghana to Shift from Analog to Digital Broadcasts

Ghana is set to move from analog to digital broadcasts according to the national communications authority. The authority has developed the minimum specification for set top boxes as the government tries to push the shift to digital broadcasting.

The national communications authority has indicated that it is developing minimum specification for the set top boxes and television as the government seeks to move broadcasts from the current analog to digital platform. Ghana is a member of the international telecommunications union and according to agreements in Geneva in the year 2006, members committed to shift from the terrestrial to digital broadcasting and this was expected to end in the year 2015. The director of national communications authority indicated that the digital terrestrial media resource training in the country has preferred a five-year extension a timeline that the authority is seeking to meet.

The authority has been working with the digital broadcasting committee and the Ghana standards authority to come up with acceptable standard set top boxes and sets that are affordable to members of the public. The minimum specifications have been developed because the free to air television stations will have to shift to digital platform. The objective is to move from the current terrestrial to Digital Terrestrial Television receiver, which will receive high quality video and sound at the lowest cost possible. The functionality of the television sets will undergo inspection and quality checks by the Ghana standards authority.

The set top boxes and integrated digital television sets will have to pass a set standard and receive a logo from the accreditation body before they are sold to the consumers in the country. He said that the authority has trained personnel that will monitor the progress and the development of the nation and the move to digital communication. Digital communication has been embraced by various nations in Africa such as South Africa, Egypt, and Kenya among others.

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