Ecommerce in Morocco

With 17.8 million active internet users from a population of 33.3 million according to Ekos Global and 55% internet penetration, ecommerce in Morocco was bound to be a success. And it has been.

There are currently more than 10 online stores in the country that are active and growing rapidly. According to FNEM (the National Federation of E -commerce in Morocco), the amount of transactions carried out online in 2011 amounted to $58 million which was 72% higher than in 2010. The ecommerce market in Morocco grew by 112% in 2014 according to surveys, which shows that more and more people are getting into the fad that has been taking over the world.

The rise of ecommerce in Morocco and other African nations can be attributed to the increased penetration of the internet and websites and issue of credit cards by local banks. If you’re curious about which online shops and services have been most prominent, below is a list of the top 5 services that work in Morocco:

This website primarily provides information on restaurants, hotels and events based on your location. With a subscription to the service, you can be alerted to special offers and events happening around you, then book your place right from the website. In addition, there is also a shopping section with items ranging from household goods, electronics and even clothing. However, the shopping aspect of Hmizate is more of a secondary product.

Nevertheless, the service has grown rapidly and now has millions of users and fans on social media which make it one of the most popular ecommerce solutions in Morocco. Payment methods include online payment with your credit card or through Wafacash agency.

Jumia Maroc

This is primarily an online shopping platform, and because of that, you get a wider range of items to purchase. Items range from clothing to electronics household products and even stock photos and videos, plus, you can even get designer items which may not be available at Hmizate. Payment on this site is done in cash upon delivery of the item, and that makes Jumia Maroc truly reliable and trusted.


This is similar to Jumia in terms of the primary service, online shopping, but they get an edge with delivery of food. Kaymu has therefore become a favourite among business owners who prefer to order food online and have it shipped to their place of business. Again, payment can be made in cash upon delivery which increases their reliability.


From hotel bookings to spa treatments or looking for a plumber, Marocdeal covers it all. It basically provides a platform where anyone can advertise their own services, whatever it may be, and find someone who needs it. It’s a much more open service without any primary activity, yet that openness makes it somewhat of a mixed bag. Marocdeal is still a great place to source services around you and quickly get what you want. This service also shows just how much ecommerce in Morocco has been accepted and that many people are ready to take advantage of it.


If you’re just after variety, or feel too lazy to cook for yourself, Hellofood will attempt to satiate your palette. The company has partnered with various restaurants and chefs to create a wide array of meals you can order and have delivered to your doorstep. On the other hand, the service is less available away from the major towns since the food is delivered ready.

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