Current accounts in Algeria

There are more than 20 banks in Algeria, which makes the choice of current accounts in Algeria that much harder.

Before you go out and open an account, you might want to check out our top picks below:

Arab Bank Algeria

With 10,000 DZD, you can open a current account with ABA and enjoy a free chequebook, and free bank statements quarterly. However, accounts in local currency are non-interest bearing; in which case you would have to open an account with EUR 500 or its equivalent in foreign currency to enjoy annual interest. Nevertheless, despite the limited access options, the bank is fairly stable and a great place to keep your money among current accounts in Algeria.

BNP Paribas Algeria

Although based in France, BNP Paribas have made an effort to penetrate the Algerian market by offering some fairly lucrative benefits. Current accounts are available for Algerian residents as well as foreigners, and every account holder is issued a Gold Card to go with it. That allows you to make withdrawals and purchases at various outlets, plus, there are no charges for withdrawal.

In addition, you get mobile banking through phone calls to their customer support team which is available 24/7.

Gulf Bank Algeria (GBA)

This is one of the most popular banks in Algeria, and with good reason; the bank has got more than 50 branches in the country and plenty more ATMs which allows you to access your money whenever you need to.

With this bank, you get full mobile banking through, which involves Push SMS which notifies you of all transactions as soon as they happen, plus SMS banking where you send an SMS and get a reply with your account details. For those who prefer doing things online, you won’t be disappointed by their online banking services which are available 24/7.

Trust Bank Algeria (TBA)

Trust Bank Algeria offers pretty much all that GBA has to offer, the only real difference is in your personal preference and perhaps accessibility. In the latter case, GBA is a safe bet as it has more branches and ATMs making transactions a lot more efficient.

HSBC Algeria

Again, just like Trust Bank Algeria, the services are quite similar, however, amount of minimum initial deposit and operating balance may differ with the type of account. It is also a great provider of current accounts in Algeria.



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