55 Nigerians Stole over N1.34 Trillion in 8 Years

Nigerian minister of information and culture Lai Mohammed has indicated that 55 Nigerians stole over $ 9 billion from the Nigeria treasury from the year 2006 to 2013.

Speaking during a conference in Abuja Mr. Mohammed noted that the nation was on the verge of winning the war against Boko Haram and the people should brace for new war against corruption. If the Nigerians will not unite and embrace fight against corruption under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari then corruption will cripple the country. The situation is in a worse condition than it has been in years. According to reports 55 people stole over $9 billion dollars in eight years that is more than a quarter of Nigeria’s budget. Out of the people who stole the funds 15 were governors, 4 ministers, 12 former public servants, 8 people in the banking sector and 11 businesspersons.

Tackling corruption in a nation like Nigeria is quite difficult because the vice is rooted in many communities. According to world bank report the stolen funds would have constructed a 636 kilometers of road, built 36 modern hospitals ,built 183 schools , educate 4000 children to tertiary level and built 20,062 units of 2 bed roomed apartments. The money is a lot when compared to the number of people who stole it and the duration at which the theft occurred. All the government is hearing is that some people are fighting the opposition, however the indices shows that the money was lost during the era.

Fighting corruption is not an agenda for the government in place; it is for all governments that will rule Nigeria. The Nigerians have to step it up a notch higher and this will be implemented well if it comes from the top politicians. If you have stolen public funds the people cannot let you enjoy the money while they languish in poverty, everyone must be held accountable for public funds. However, politics in Nigeria is just dynamic and the current depiction is that the government is fighting the opposition.
Category No Of Cases Amount Involved
Ex-Governors 15 146,840,800,000.00
Ex-Ministers 4 7,050,000,000.00
Ex-Legislators 5 8,350,000,000.00
Ex-Public Servants 7 (Federal) 6,906,600,000.00
Ex-Public Servants 5 (State) 7,275,000,000.00
Banking Industry 8 524,560,000,000.00
Businessmen 11 653,150,000,000.00

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