5 E-Commerce Payment Solutions That Work In South Africa

We do not have to be in the middle of hectic shopping season to understand the importance of online shopping. E-commerce has been on the rise in different parts of Africa and especially in South Africa. You cannot be able to purchase products without making electronic payment.

With the penetration of broadband and enhanced internet connection to South Africa, more and more people prefer shopping online. The rise in online transactions has prompted the development of various online payment platforms,  we review some of the e-commerce payments that work in South Africa.


PayPal is an international money transfer company that has been in operation for many years now. All you need is to sign up on the company website and you will be able to make and receive payments. PayPal requires an email address and you can use an email of your choice. Thereafter, you can load your account using debit or VISA or MasterCard and make payments to the company you purchased products. It is easy to use PayPal and in South Africa FNB bank allows account holders to make withdrawals and payments using their bank accounts.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

The electronic funds transfer method allows you as a user to make payments and receive payments suing your account. It is a payment alternative to credit card. SID instant EFT allows you as a customer to make instant payment directly to the merchant and the deposit is made in real time.


Mpesa is a mobile phone based micro financing and money transfer service that allows the users to transfer and receive money using their mobile handsets. You need to buy a Vodafone sim card then register with an agent. Upon registration, you can send money or receive to any mobile user in the country. In addition, Mpesa supports payment of bills to the merchant. The transaction is real time and it takes only 5 seconds. You receive a confirmation message and the receiver gets a confirmation message for money received.

Cell Pay Point

It is a user friendly and easy to use online payment solution that is available to South Africans, you are not limited to your credit card. You can use this method to pay merchants online using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The transaction is real time and you can be able to track payments made to the merchant with ease. In addition, it is a safe e-payment method.


Zapper is a locally developed mobile application that facilitates smartphone payments, it was launched in South Africa in 2014, and since then it is rising to be one of the best e-commerce payment solution. Major benefit of this application is that you can monitor transactions in real time, you can track your money from the time you send until the merchant receives you get a confirmation message. It is safe, quick, and reliable payment method.


In summary, South African online market is expanding over the years and more people are getting into online commerce. The payment methods available are fast, efficient and reliable whichever method of electronic payment you choose it is important to consider the efficacy and safety.

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